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Contra Costa College English 1A

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Welcome to your class page for the in-class English 1A!  Here is the link to your Class Syllabus and the Class Schedule - on which the Exploring Language chapters, essay due dates, class activities and the assigned homework articles are indicated.


 Required Materials:

1. Exploring Language, 14th edition by Gary Goshgarian. The book is available in the campus bookstore;  you can also click on the title for a link to Amazon.

2. Composition book for your daily Writing Journal


English 1A is comprised of seven components:

  1. Weekly Writing Assignments
  2. Critical Thinking Discussion Questions
  3. Three Multi-Draft Essays
  4. Grammar Presentation
  5. Rhetorical Presentation 
  6. Writing Journal
  7. Final Timed Essay


1. Weekly Writing Assignments:

The weekly homework assignments are to read the assigned articles and write a three paragraph response and summary for each article. These are available as hyperlinked articles listed below, on the Schedule, and in Canvas. Click control/enter to open the link and access the articles. 

  • Paragraph one summarizes the article, identifying the main points and discussing what the article is about.
  • Paragraph two analyzes the rhetorical differences in the materials in terms of audience/purpose and effectiveness.
  • Paragraph three is your response, framed in terms of how the ideas relate to you and your academic writing experience. 


Assignments due to Canvas by 11:59 Sunday. 


Week Two: Plagiarism and Anne Lamott's essay "Shitty First Drafts"– answer the questions following Lamott's article.

Week Three: Essay Structure & Overview of the Academic Essay

 Week Four: Writing Topic Sentences & P.I.E. Paragraphs

Week Five: How to Write a Thesis & Transitions

Week Six: Revision  & Editing and Proofreading

Week Seven: Quoting Sources & Why Use Sources? 

Week Eight: Paraphrasing

Week Nine: What is Argument? & Toulmin Argumentation 

Week Ten: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos - the Rhetorical Appeals   

Week Eleven: Logical Fallacies

Week Twelve: Evaluating Web Pages  

Week Thirteen:  Writing Concisely

Week Fourteen: Style in Writing


Recognizing your own writing patterns and challenges are the only way to improve and polish your writing. To do this, you will learn how to proofread effectively and practice those writing challenges.

Click on this link to access these proofreading pages.


2. Essays:

You will write three multi-draft essays in the class that will include required multiple drafts and peer reviews, and one final in-class essay. Should you choose to revise and resubmit an essay, please download these Essay Revision Guidelines. All essays will be submitted to Canvas. Grading is based on overall writing quality and improvement. Rubrics are available in the assignment on Canvas.


The essay submission policy: late essays are discouraged and will receive a lower grade..

Essay One: Language Perspectives - Chapter 6 
Essay Two: Language and Technology - Chapter 8 
Essay Three: Language and Thought  Chapter 14

(Here is a good Project Timeline Creation Template that you might find useful.) 


Grading is based on overall writing quality and improvement. To better understand what a good essay is, read the Essay Grading Rubric. 

The essays in the class will include required multiple drafts and peer reviews. All essays will be submitted to Canvas through Turnitin.com.

Here is a good Project Timeline Creation Template and a video that you might find useful:  How to Write a Good Essay 

Here is a template for correct MLA formatting of papers. In addition, try this free grammar/spell check website to get suggestions for improvement: PaperRater.com

Recognizing your own writing patterns and challenges are the only way to improve and polish your writing. To do this, you will learn how to proofread effectively and practice those writing challenges. Click on this link to access these proofreading pages.


3. Presentations:

a. Group Grammar/Writing Presentations: (click for description) will be assigned to groups of 3 or 4. Once the sign up sheet is complete, here is the list of topics and presenters, which is also available on Canvas. Please be prepared to present on the date you have been assigned for full credit. 


b. Group Critical Rhetorical Essay Analysis: (click for informational page) 

In this course, you’ll write arguments.  One way to develop your skill at making arguments is to develop the skill of analyzing the arguments of others. For this assignment, you will analyze an article’s argument, trying to understand the elements of its rhetoric. 

During the last week of the class, in small groups of no more than 4 or 5 students, you will select an article from the textbook and create a class presentation analyzing the essay from a rhetorical standpoint. In addition, each group will submit a collaborative Group Portfolio.

Download this Rhetorical Analysis Group Presentation document for reference.


4Exploring Language Readings Discussion Questions: Each week, we will be reading the articles in the textbook, Exploring Language, that you will use as references in your essay. In order to thoroughly cover each article, you will need to read them prior to class. To prepare yourself for the classroom discussion, you may download this Exploring Language Discussion Questions that each small group of students will respond to during the class. 


5. Final Timed Essay:  

Timed In-Class Essay - available the last day so there are NO makeups. You will be responding to an argument writing prompt, and will have two hours in which to write and submit the essay to Canvas. 


Sample Writing Prompts

Prompt 2


Instructor Contact: Email - gziff@contracosta.edu

When emailing, so I can better assist you, please use this SUBJECT LINE of the email: CCC ENG 1A & YOUR NAME. 

 Emails will receive a response within 48 hours during the work week: Mon - Fri. before 5 pm. Messages received after 5pm will be responded to the next day; those received after 5pm Friday will receive a response on the following Monday or business day.



Day One Slides

How to Be a Successful Student

End of Class PPT

Class Article Discussion Questions







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