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Grammar Presentation Guidelines

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Grammar/Writing Presentation


You will sign up to present a grammar or writing issue to the class as an activity or a game with a partner or a group. Topics will be approved by me. Choosing something you yourself have difficulty with is a good way to improve your own grasp of the material. Plan for each person to have a specific role in researching, creating, and presenting.


The Presentation should consist of three parts: 

     1) An introduction of the topic - perhaps showing examples

     2) Demonstration of the topic - how to use or create correct grammar

     3) A class activity that involves using the grammatical concept you've presented.


Most important - Have Fun with this! Be Creative!


Here are some helpful links: 


Study Skills - How to Make an Oral Presentation and

Purdue Owl – Designing Effective Powerpoint Presentations


* Plan on 20 minutes to present your activity/lesson to the class.

* Each person must speak and contribute to the presentation in some fashion.

* Practice speaking slowly, clearly, and loudly.

* Make sure your activities and lessons can be clearly understood by your classmates.

* Do them yourself to test it out!

* Try to make the presentation as interesting as possible

* Give plenty of examples i.e. sentences using your assigned topics.

* You can use Powerpoint, transparencies, quizzes, advertisements, exercises, a game show theme, anything you can dream up that gets the message across.

* At the conclusion of the presentation, your classmates will write a summary and

  evaluation of your presentation.

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